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Special One-Day Short Course

Introduction to Kinesiology Workshop

Are you interested in learning some basic skills with Kinesiology muscle monitoring?

Have you ever wondered how you could test yourself and others for various issues?

Are you interested in understanding and applying some practical techniques to improve your wellbeing?

This short-course workshop is designed to be used as a practical introduction into the wonderful world of Kinesiology and energetic feedback testing.

Kinesiology Connection offers anyone undertaking this introductory short-course the opportunity to learn the basics of Kinesiology in a hands-on, fun and practical group environment. This course has been developed for the purpose of offering some simple existing kinesiology techniques. It is designed to provide a simple and easy to understand process for beginners. This will allow you to begin to comfortably and accurately test yourself, and also to muscle test others.

In the world of the Healing Arts, Kinesiology is generally considered the most holistic of all the modern health modalities. Our programs are generally viewed as the most comprehensive ones available. Our exclusive approach recognises and works with the mind and body, both of which exert a great influence over our wellbeing. This approach is comprehensively holistic and works with the triad of health, being the emotional/mental, physical, and nutritional/chemical levels of the body. In this way, Kinesiology can be used to assess and recalibrate our mind and body, using techniques via the nervous system and meridian systems.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • What Kinesiology is and general muscle monitoring.
  • How Kinesiology works.
  • How to switch on the body/mind system.
  • Kinesiology Self-Testing - also with Yes/No answers!
  • What stress is and how you can test for it.
  • How to defuse stress gently with emotional stress release.
  • How to test yourself for various issues.
  • How to do some basic muscle testing with others.
  • Testing for Stress factors / issues.
  • How to test and correct hydration issues.
  • Basic testing skills for nutritional issues
  • What Kinesiology may assist you with.

These simple techniques will enable anyone to learn and apply this amazing healing tool for themselves and others, or perhaps to one day become a Kinesiologist!

Who is this course for?

  • Generally anyone who is interested in this powerful modality.
  • Any person who wants to learn how issues can affect us (and simple techniques how to deal with them).
  • Any health practitioner that is interested in adding some basic techniques to their toolkit.
  • Anyone aspiring to learn Kinesiology that would like to try before they buy.
  • This course is designed to be "hands-on" practical, with easy to use techniques, that can also used at home.

Kinesiology Course Information – Melbourne. Investment: $132 (incl. GST).

Saturday, 10 December 2016  -   Times: 9.00 am – 1.30 pm
Instructor: Ed Faust, Dip Kin   Venue: Kinesiology Connection, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria