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The next Kinesiology training program begins in September 2017 (Weekday). Please contact us for information. A free E-Book is available..

Course modules are taught over two days for each unit (Weekend Courses: Saturday/Sunday) (Weekday classes 2 x consecutive Tuesdays). Each unit is approximately taught every 3 or 4 weeks. There are 24 class units in the Diploma course that are done in sequence. The first year of training is called the Basic Kinesiology Program, an ICPKP internationally accredited Course - and it is the first part of the two-year Nationally Accredited Diploma in Kinesiology.

Classes are exciting, practical and fun. If you are interested in learning Kinesiology, and want to utilize it for a professional career in the healing arts, our training program covers all holistic Kinesiological aspects on many different levels. Please contact our office for details.


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