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  • Comprehensive
  • Wholistic
  • Internationally recognised
  • Nationally accredited

We utilise the internationally renowned ICPKP Kinesiology Program, expert Kinesiology career training in Complementary Health, the most comprehensive Kinesiology training package available, taught in 20 countries around the world, at forty accredited colleges. This program meets the needs of both the younger person choosing his or her first vocation as well as the mature student retraining for a second career.

Our unique program teaches you how to successfully assist clients by utilising highly developed formats of Kinesiology which also integrate mainstream subjects such as Nutrition, Practice Management, Anatomy & Physiology, Communication Skills, with advanced practical 'cutting edge' Multi-Dimensional Human Studies. Overall, the program offers a high degree of proficiency and competency, providing an outstanding qualification for a fulfilling and rewarding career.

The entire 2 to 2.5 year comprehensive training package is known as the Nationally accredited Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415.

Initially these skills can be used for personal self-development and self care, and to help people one is close to, so as to assist family and friends achieve health, wholeness and wellness. After completing the first year you are qualified to register with an Australian Kinesiology organisation at the entry-level, and are ready to work in the public arena, the beginning of your new career.

Our training encourages you to earn as you learn. By the time you complete the Diploma in Kinesiology Program (Nationally accredited), you should be well on your way to having a profitable Kinesiology business of your own.

NB: The Kinesiology in Diploma HLT52415 training is Nationally Accredited, approved and accredited by the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK) and Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). The program is also recognised in countries around the world such as the United States, the UK, New Zealand, and many others.

Our Diploma and advanced training programs extend student's abilities to a very high professional standard.

In addition to the many techniques and modalities taught, you will also;

  • perceive and understand the incredible, unseen power of thought / emotional energy at work
  • step beyond a labyrinth of beliefs and gain a far greater understanding of your Self
  • accelerate your personal development
  • confront and remove personal fears
  • gain a far clearer understanding of your life, your relationships, and your world
  • realise your unlimited personal potential and power
  • access, recognise and defuse past factors, and those suppressed, causing stressful events in your life
  • recognise and free yourself from erroneous opinions, conclusions, and belief systems
  • enjoy discovering new levels of personal growth and development, achieving your potential
  • make a great and long-lasting difference in your life and the lives of others

Diploma graduates are able to access relevant formats and fingermodes at a highly proficient and comfortable level, because they are well acquainted with the material.



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