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Kinesiology Connection is the leading Kinesiology Natural Medicine Centre and College in Melbourne, part of a Nationally Accredited Registered Training Organisation - offering The Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 - and is also a fully accredited International ICPKP College for the Basic Kinesiology Program and the International Diploma in Kinesiology.



Our programs are also taught in over 40 other affiliated colleges around the world, in more than 16 countries and translated in over 8 languages, and is the most effective Kinesiology training available. Some of our most successful Practitioners offer their clinical expertise in personal sessions at our premises, utilizing their PKPKinesiology skills.

PKP Kinesiology is used in the Natural Health Field as an effective and versatile tool to identify and correct stress and imbalances in the body, by applying skilled muscle monitoring (biofeedback). PKP is also at the forefront of the new frontier of energy medicine.

Kinesiology is the most encompassing of all the Natural Therapies, and PKP is the Gold standard in the industry.

With PKP one re-establishes Health, Wellbeing and Balance by defusing the causes of many health and stress-related issues.
"Giving every person the opportunity to reach their potential."

PKP Kinesiology sessions bring awareness to the messages your body is giving you and facilitates balance, stability and harmony, by regaining wellbeing and vitality in the many aspects of your life. PKP Training is officially the only Kinesiology modality in the world exclusively offering a Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic®