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    Kinesiology Connection is the Melbourne Campus of Kinesiology Schools Australia
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Coming Events

UPDATE: 2nd Training Program 2017

Our last Training Program for 2017 starts on 5 August.

The last scheduled program for this year begins in August. We have flexible programs to suit your requirements and needs. Course units are usually taught over two days (Sat/Sun), and scheduled every 3 to 4 weeks. The Foundational Kinesiology Program (course duration 9-10 months) is available as a certificate course, and also qualifies as the first stage of The Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415, which is a Nationally accredited Kinesiology qualification (total duration approx. 2 years). All training provides you with expertise, skill and know-how in this specialised field - and is the most comprehensive program available.

Classes are exciting, practical and fun. If you are interested in learning Kinesiology, to add to your skill set, and/or in building a professional career in the healing arts, our training program covers all holistic Kinesiological aspects on many different levels.

Please contact our office for detailed information.