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The Foundational Kinesiology Program, Course Duration 9-10 months, also qualifies as the first Stage of the Diploma in Kinesiology (course duration approx. 2 to 2.5 years).

Since 2015 the Diploma in Kinesiology is the Nationally accredited qualification recognised by the National Training Authority. This 2 year program is known as HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology.

This first year of training is called the Foundational Kinesiology Program, available as a certificated course. It is also accredited by the two Kinesiology associations/institutions in Australia. The course provides well-rounded and practical Kinesiology career training that is taught over 9 or 10 months, and can be utilised as the first part of training in the new Nationally Accredited Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 (2 - 2.5 years total training time). It fulfils the requirements for an entry-level practitioner with one of the Kinesiology associations.

Kinesiology is very hands-on and requires the student to be face to face with the teacher to learn the pressure and skills of this magnificent modality. There will be plenty of practical experience in this course. The face-to-face high quality professional Kinesiology units are listed below.


Nine of the Kinesiology units are with a highly experienced teacher. Each of these units is face to face one weekend every 3 or 4 weeks, 9am - 5pm. The extra unit is a Student Clinic.

This is then followed by a Competency Assessment.

Units FKP101-FKP109: These first 9 Kinesiology units taught in sequence provide a solid grounding of Kinesiology knowledge and skills starting at the basics and continuing to intermediate and then introducing some advanced techniques. This is the most efficient, foundational skills course available.

FKP101 Energisers and Self Testing
FKP102 Manual Muscle Testing
FKP103 The Chinese 5 Elements
FKP104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections
FKP105 5 Elements in-depth
FKP106 Professional Skills – Balancing Protocol with PKP Database In this unit students learn
FKP107 Pain Reduction
FKP108 Balancing with Food

FKP109 Advanced Muscle Techniques – Reactivity and Posture

** Student Clinic .

Non Kinesiology Units:  5 units completed as home studies over 12 months.

A&P1 Anatomy and Physiology 

WHS and Infection Control

Legal and Ethics


First Aid*
(*External Unit to be completed by the student at any stage. As this unit is not supplied by KSA it is not included in course price)

A Quick Overview:

On completion of the Basic Kinesiology Program, you will have completed the basic and rudimentary skills that a Kinesiologist must possess. You will also be competent and proficient in beginning your Professional Kinesiology practice.  This qualification is accredited and recognised by the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and the Australian Kinesiology association,  where you can register to become an entry-level practitioner and continue to build your practice with the Diploma program. The high level techniques and skills you acquire in this course provide you with the most solid grounding in the field and build to conclude with some powerful intermediate techniques so you can start your career.

The Basic Kinesiology Program subjects are also the first subjects of the Diploma in Kinesiology.

Throughout the course there is plenty of practical experience gained in class activities during every unit, student clinic, and student practice sessions (optional). All this, along with the supervision of your experienced teacher fine tunes your skills so you obtain the best possible results with your clients.


Your lecturers, led by Ed Faust, Senior International ICPKP Faculty Trainer, are also successful practitioners.  All trainers have completed rigorous internationally training and updates according to ICPKP standards, and are fabulously equipped to teach students the course material easily and succinctly.

The College:

Kinesiology Connection is a Kinesiology Schools Australia college, not a naturopathic or massage college teaching a little Kinesiology to fill class numbers. We specialise in Kinesiology. It makes a difference!

Our college provides the perfect environment to assist your learning experience at any given time.

There is plenty of parking in the area around the college premises in Hawthorn. We are located near Swinburne University, just a short walk away from Glenferrie and Auburn Railway stations.

Student Support:

Students receive extraordinary support from the college. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9-5pm, and support is available via phone or email from our knowledgeable office staff, and Faculty who are on hand.

Practice days and/or evenings are available, and can be organised through KC admin and Faculty.

There is also a free mentoring system to support students.


All classes, assessments, class notes, handouts, and student clinic are included in the price.

The only extra costs are for Senior First Aid and a massage table (this can be organised by the student, or the college may assist),
and optionally one extra text book (Anatomy and Physiology).

Charts, test kits or other recommended books are optional to purchase for those that want them.


BKP101 Energisers and Self Testing

This first unit is all about teaching you how to take care of and balance yourself. After all, you the practitioner must stay healthy in body and mind to be able to help others. These techniques can also be used to teach clients some basic skills they can use at home to help themselves between consultations. Basic anatomical parts of the body and terminology are also learnt. Setting well worded powerful goals is the basis of a good Kinesiology balance. In this unit you will learn the skills for goal setting that will be used in every balance in the future.

BKP102 Manual Muscle Testing

This unit introduces you to the art of muscle testing, which is the basis of Kinesiology. You learn to balance other people, using brain/muscle feedback, known as muscle testing or muscle monitoring, to identify dysfunctions and stress. You also learn how to identify and correct the most common causes of disorginisation in the brain.

BKP103 The Chinese 5 Elements

An introduction of Chinese 5 Element philosophies to balance the energy using colour, sound and the emotions is the theme of this unit. Here you will learn techniques to correct and confirm the changes you make in a 5 Element balance and using food to strengthen muscles, meridians and organs.

BKP104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections

Using the direction of energy flow you will learn a number of effective ways to improve and restore

balance to meridians and their related muscles and organs. Students also learn more basic Anatomy and Physiology.

BKP105 Five Elements In-depth

Learning the 5 Element principles in depth and working with the full chart of emotions takes you to a whole new level of knowledge. An extra 14 muscles allows you a greater variety of ways to balance the client. You will also learn how to identify and use one single correction to return the person to balance.

BKP106 Professional Skills Balancing Protocol with PKP Database

BKP106 brings much of what you have previously learnt together. Using the specialised protocols that set PKP Kinesiology ahead of the rest, you will learn how to use finger modes and to go back to balance stressful times in the past that affect us today. This is a real turning point and turns you into a practitioner.

BKP107 Pain Reduction

This unit teaches you how to evaluate and reduce pain using a number of simple but powerful techniques. This is a favourite with most students as there are always people with pain. By the end of this weekend many students no longer have the pains they have had for years. This opens a huge potential to bring clients in to your clinic.

BKP108 Balancing with Food

Focusing on nutrition this unit teaches an understanding of why the body requires a variety of nutrients and how the body uses these nutrients. We also look at a number of ‘diets’ and how to test the person to see if they may react to foods. By the end of this unit you will be able to balance people and help them achieve optimal nutrition for their wellbeing or what ever activity they require.

BKP109 Advanced Muscle Techniques Reactivity and Posture

In this unit you start learning the first of the advanced techniques where messages from the brain are confused causing reoccurring problems.


Supervised clinic with practitioners on hand to ask questions and work on people.




A&P1 Anatomy and Physiology 1

The purpose of this home study unit is to provide a solid basis of all systems of the body. Students will have a good understanding of Anatomy & Physiology but will find this unit straight forward and to the point, nothing more and nothing less and written in an easy to follow and work through manner.

WHS and Infection Control
This unit is a requirement during the period of study dependent on whether you are enrolled for the Cert IV, or the Basic Kinesiology Program (1st year of the Diploma)

Communication /Legal and Ethics

 This will assist students to learn how to build rapport and liaise with clients in a professional setting.


This unit is a requirement of all health practitioners. It is the equivalent of the Senior First Aid. Contact the college for the most up to date name of this unit as it changes from time to time. (*External Unit to be completed by the student at any stage. As this unit is not supplied by KSA it is not included in course price.)

INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE (fees and payment options available upon request)

Total price includes all notes, manuals, assessments.

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