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ICPKP-Logo-AffiliatedRTO-10aThe complete ICPKP training material is structured as a 4-year Diploma course.

We offer the world-renowned ICPKP course training programs and structure. It is taught in more than 20 countries and in various languages.

The course material is structured at our College as follows:

This equates to approximately 3800 hours of learning and is the most comprehensive, student-centred training in Kinesiology available worldwide. Our in-depth program blends theoretical study and practical experience, enabling students of all ages and backgrounds to learn kinesiology and become highly skilled and sought-after practitioners.

Our Certificate and Diploma courses are suitable for countries with no national certification process and are also easily adapted to suit individual country's requirements. For example, NZ and Australia have different standards for their Certificate and Diploma Courses. The ICPKP units fit the kinesiology component required for both countries.

On completion of the full ICPKP study, students will have completed Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma studies. The Advanced Program is now known as the International Post Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic®, and the resulting qualification is that of a Kinesiopractor®, unique to ICPKP training. Certificates and Diplomas from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice are issued under license by our Licensed College.

Kinesiology Connection provides different combinations of generic and ICPKP units of study based on the local requirements for practitioners (qualifications differ from country to country).

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