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Basic Self-Care Kinesiology Skills #BKP101

Pre-requisites: None

This first unit introduces you to three different kinds of easy to learn self-energiser trigger points (Neuro-Emotional, Neuro-Lymphatic, and Neuro-Vascular) and the powerful meridian energiser trace. As well, you will use walking gait reflexes, crosscrawl self integration, vision and hearing energy techniques.

You will learn a simple emotional stress release technique and emotional trigger words. You will enjoy the energising power of a specific goal, and be able to perform a 'time of day' kinesiology energy balance for self care using whole body testing. You will be able identify basic anatomical parts and planes of the body and define kinesiology.

What you will learn in the first unit:

  • Simple definition of Kinesiology
  • Simple anatomical awareness
  • Your meridians and their power
  • Your Neuro-Lymphatic (NL) reflexes
  • Your Neuro-Emotional (NE) reflexes
  • Your Neuro-Vascular (NV) reflexes
  • How to 'whole body' test yourself
  • Your walking gait reflexes
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)
  • PKP Wheel of Emotions
  • Crosscrawl for energy
  • Auricular energy
  • Visual inhibition
  • The power of goals
  • Building energy with a 'time of day' balance




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