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Are you interested in a career in the complementary health field that is both satisfying and rewarding - with a highly sought-after qualification ?

Want to study an exciting and proven Kinesiology Course, but not sure of your direction ?

ICPKP-Logo-AffiliatedRTO-10aKinesiology Connection offers the most comprehensive and wholistic International Kinesiology Program across the breadth of Kinesiology and complementary health field, as is used in natural medicine and beyond.

Our exclusive training teaches you how to be an independent, accredited Professional Kinesiology Practitioner.

We show you how you can take charge of your own life and carve out your own pathway to success in this field. With all the advantages a Professional Kinesiology Practice offers, you will never want to settle for just a job again.

With confidence in returning to studies as a mature age student, there is no better place to study Kinesiology professionally than at KC.

Our complete Diploma training is fully accredited Nationally (and Internationally!)

We are a fully registered training organisation (Kinesiology Schools Australia), affiliated with other KSA colleges interstate, offering the ICPKP program.

The Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 Program is structured over two years, ie. total time achievable within approx. 2 - 2.5 years.

 Why Study with us?

  • Researched for over 30 years
  • Wholistic
  • Written by a Medical Doctor
  • Most comprehensive program available
  • Many years of Practical Experience
  • Accelerated Learning Process
  • Student Centred Learning
  • Limited class sizes to ensure optimal support
  • Nationally Accredited
  • Austudy Approved
  • Lifestyle and Career Fulfilling and Rewarding
  • Qualify as a Practitioner
  • Unique "earn as you learn" method

Next Stage (optional):  International Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic®

This (complete) International Qualification is available after completing The Diploma in Kinesiology.



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General Information

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School Admissions Information

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Course Recognition

The Diploma in Kinesiology Program HLT52415 is a fully Nationally accredited course. The program is also recognised by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP). Once successfully completed, students are eligible to apply for membership as a Registered Kinesiology Practitioner with the:
  • Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)
    and/or with the
  • Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)

Students qualify to register with the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) in the Kinesiology Health modality. This can already be achieved after successful completion of the first year of study (Basic Kinesiology Program).