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Hawthorn, Melbourne:

Professional Kinesiology Practitioners® & Instructorss


  Ed Faust, Dip Kin Post Grad Dip Kinesiopractic® AIK ATMS ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant / Kinesiopractor®
  Senior International ICPKP Faculty
  ICPKP Faculty Trainer South Pacific
  Instructor Total Body Modification

  •      Professional member Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK)
  •      Professional member Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  •      Prof. Instructor member Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)
  •      Founder and Director Kinesiology Schools Australia
  •      Director and Principal Kinesiology Connection Australia P/L
  •      Former Chairperson Practitioner Registration Board AKA
  •      Course author 'Quantum Neurology' and "Applied Glands & Hormones" - Advanced Techniques

Bianca Jewell, Dip Kin ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant
Senior International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)

Bianca came to Kinesiology by accident and it completely changed her life. Her first session empowered her to make positive life decisions that would eventually lead to studying Kinesiology and dedicating her life to helping others.

Bianca is committed and passionate about assisting people find direction in their life. Empowering clients and educating students, and bringing them to a higher awareness, is something that she deeply cares about. Bianca is another valued member of KC teaching staff. She sees clients at her clinic at KC.


Dana Atkin, Dip Kin ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant

International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)

Dana had always had a knack of drawing people to her for a chat. Throughout her corporate life, she would often be the go to person for a vent about life and office stressors. This was what gave Dana the drive to find something that was more meaningful for her, something that would allow her to help people on a deeper level. Through a not so random series of events and coincidences, Dana found Kinesiology.

Dana loves that Kinesiology has helped her change her perspective on so many aspects of herself and her life, which have paved the way for some amazing life changes and opportunities. Dana loves helping her clients reach their full potential. She believes that it’s an honor to work with people as they clear their conscious and subconscious blocks so that they can move forward, shed the past and achieve their goals.

 Claire-Vannuccini-kinesiology-connection-melbourne-holistic-health 2016.png

Claire Vanuccini, Dip Kin Int'l Dip ICPKP AIK
Professional Kinesiology Consultant
International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)

Beginning in nutrition and then naturopathy 10 years ago, Claire deferred her studies on a quest for more understanding as to why people had reached the point they were at. It was here she learnt that we're more than just a physical body, more than the nutritional components we put in it, and that we are in fact a mirror of our own languaging, thoughts and lifestyle. Our energy is affected on a daily basis through stress, environmental pollutants, mental and emotional factors, social influences, nutrition....Everything!

This can effect us on many levels influencing how we feel, our performance, negative self talk, self sabotages, relationships...the works! This internal conflict eventually taxes our wellbeing by breaking down the physical body resulting in ailments, illness, mental and emotional instability, low self esteem etc! Claire says; "Why I love PKP Kinesiology and continue to study as far as I have; Personally, I've seen it correct my physical ailments that no one could - Emotionally I credit it to meeting my husband - And mentally, it continues to allow me today to push through my fears and sabotages to achieve my life long goals!"

Kinesiology assists the whole body by connecting our awareness to all aspects of ourselves, our surroundings, our decisions and most of all how we feel. It helps us to understand where we are at now and to positively work towards where we would like to be. Book in today and upgrade to a better positive you! Claire looks forward to assisting you on your journey. "Wellbeing begins by igniting a balanced, positive you".

 Carol Dempster kinesiology connection melbourne holistic health

Carol DempsterDip Kin ICPKP
Professional Kinesiopractor®
Professional Kinesiology Consultant

Carol is committed to helping her clients achieve and maintain good health, wellbeing and life balance.

The diverse range of methods used during a consultation, offer a professional and highly effective approach, empowering individuals to achieve and maintain their maximum health and wellbeing.

 Sarah Tynan kinesiology connection melbourne holistic health

Sarah Tynan, Dip Kin AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiopractor®
International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)

Sarah says: "Kinesiology changed my life a few years ago when I had acute neck pain and was experiencing emotional hardships. After trying everything without relief I decided to try something different.

Within a few kinesiology sessions my neck pain disappeared completely and as long as I maintain a healthy balance in my life, it doesn't come back. This proved to me that kinesiology's underlying philosophy is true - if you clear all the imbalances inside your body it will then heal itself!

Kinesiology is the perfect remedy for anything that you're going through (physically, emotionally & spiritually).  It combines both Eastern and Western healing philosophies to create a modality that is unparalleled to anything else I have ever tried. But don't take my word for it, experience it for yourself!"

It can help with any of the following: stress, emotional trauma, relationship issues, learning disabilities, weight loss, sleep issues, digestive or allergy problems, low energy, no motivation, needing direction, athletic performance, physical pain, nutritional needs, spiritual blockages and much more!!

 Marcella Chel kinesiology connection melbourne holistic health Fitzroy

Marcella Russo, Dip Kin AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiopractor® 
Professional Kinesiology Consultant

To Marcella, Kinesiology puts the keys of physical, mental, and emotional health back into the clients’ hands.

She says; "That’s what it did for me and this is what I would like to pass on to others. I found my way to Kinesiology as a client and after experiencing profound changes in my health and outlook on life, I became increasingly interested in wanting to share this modality with others, initially through recommendation of practitioners and finally becoming a practitioner myself. 

My clients have found the Kinesiology sessions I facilitate to be relaxing, insightful, uplifting and often fun."

 Jordie kinesiology connection melbourne caulfield holistic health 2

Jordie Slonim, Dip Kin AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant
International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)

Through Kinesiology, Jordie has found a modality where she can use all of her innate & learned skills to help people to heal themselves.

Kinesiology enables her to go on a journey of exploration with both clients and students. 

Kinesiology works to address all aspects of your being from different angles to achieve awareness & healing of the route core of any issue presented, and Jordie is excited to share this with students at Kinesiology Connection.


Peter Ferguson, Dip Kin AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant

Peter’s lifelong involvement in competitive sport provided the foundation for his passionate interest in health and well being, specifically natural approaches to maintaining physical health and emotional well-being, right through to “old age”.

Over the last 20 years this passion has led Peter to study and use various natural, energy healing techniques, both in Australia and overseas, which eventually led him to the unique and emerging modality of Kinesiology, specialising in the advanced PKP® modality.

Peter’s satisfaction in working with PKP® Kinesiology is the knowledge that it provides a very powerful, but practical tool for anyone to benefit from, so they can take charge and “re-balance” areas in their life to achieve their full potential.


Rachel Gallon, Dip Kin AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiopractor®
International ICPKP Faculty 
(KC Teaching Staff)

Rachel cares passionately about each of us living our life to its full potential and knows that through Kinesiology we have the opportunity to find and clear any obstacles that might be standing in our way. 

Rachel provides a caring and safe environment in which clients can feel confident about moving towards achieving optimum health and vitality across all areas of life. Rachel is a graduate of the ICPKP Diploma Program.

Rachel sees clients at her home clinic, and continues to be one of our valued trainers.


 Brett McDonald kinesiology connection melbourne holistic health boronia

Brett McDonald, Dip Kin ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant 

I first experienced Kinesiology more than ten years ago, and was fascinated by how easily it could access the information I needed, from the body and the subconscious, that I couldn’t find through conscious thought. The process was gentle and so illuminating, I knew that this modality was what I wanted to learn, to help others easily find the answers they seek. 

The PKP Kinesiology I use encompasses the physical, structural, nutritional, spiritual, emotional and the metaphysical. Combining this with a vast experience in business relationship building and then overlaying counselling, Kinesiology and coaching together I help people move through their emotional, mental, spiritual or even physical barriers to enable them to become ‘unstuck’ and to go on and achieve great change, resolution and growth. 


Jenni Wadsworth, BA Dip Ed AIK ICPKP 
Senior International ICPKP Faculty

(KC Substitute Teaching Staff)

Jenni Wadsworth has many years experience, both as a Kinesiology Practitioner and as a teacher, and is highly valued as a member of our Kinesiology substitute teaching staff. Jenni is one of few exceptionally qualified Senior International Faculty Trainers in Australia.

Jenni conducts her professional Kinesiology consultations in her home suburb of Mt. Martha.

 Jodie Parton kinesiology connection melbourne holistic health

Jodie Parton, Dip Kin  AIK ICPKP
Professional Kinesiology Consultant
International ICPKP Faculty
(KC Teaching Staff)   

Jodie’s motto is love what you do and do what you love. She started studying kinesiology a number of years ago and now she gets to do what she loves - Practice Kinesiology and teach others about this amazing modality.

Kinesiology has had such a positive and enriching impact in her life, that she is passionate about teaching and guiding others through their own journey.

A supportive and positive environment is fostered for students to gain the essential knowledge and skills required to become a professional, practicing Kinesiologist.