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The New Diploma in Kinesiology

As of August 2015, mandatory changes to the Diploma in Kinesiology qualifications affected all Registered Training Organisations, and the Diploma in Kinesiology HLT51507 was replaced by the Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415.

The Certificate IV HLT42812 was only available until December 2015 as a Nationally Accredited Course.

It was also considered the First Year of the Diploma Training. This is now called The Basic Kinesiology Program.

The Basic Kinesiology Program (First Year of Diploma) provides a well rounded and practical Kinesiology training AND allows you to be recognised by the two associations in Australia (ie. the Australian Institute of Kinesiology and the Australian Kinesiology Association) as an entry-level Kinesiology Practitioner.

The HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology is the minimum Nationally Recognised qualification recognised by the National Training Authority.

The first year program (Basic Kinesiology Program) is taught over 9 or 10 months, and is also considered as the First Year of training in the new Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 (2 - 2.5 years total training time), and fulfils the requirements for an entry-level practitioner with a local Kinesiology association mentioned above.

Kinesiology is very hands-on and requires the student to be face to face with the teacher to learn the pressure and skills of this magnificent modality. There will be plenty of practical experience in this course, ie. 10 face-to-face high quality professional Kinesiology units.

Students already undertaking the previously accredited qualifications, ie. Diploma HLT51507 or Certificate IV HLT42812 will have until a specified date to complete their current qualification.

HLT52415 Diploma in Kinesiology is accredited by:

- ASQA (the Australian National Training Authority)

- AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association)

- AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiology)

- Qualifies for Austudy assistance (Centrelink approved)

- Health Funds require a Diploma in Kinesiology


The new HLT52145 Diploma in Kinesiology

Course duration: can be completed in 2 years (2.5 years to finish Home Study Units if required)

Kinesiology Units:  25 high quality professional Kinesiology units taught every 3 or 4 weeks over approximately 2 years

Non Kinesiology Units: 12units completed externally

A Quick Overview:

On completion of the Diploma in Kinesiology you will be a competent and confident Kinesiology practitioner, recognised by the Australian Kinesiology Association  (AKA), the Australian Institute of Kinesiology, (AIK), and the Australian National Training Authority (ASQA) and the health funds that offer rebates for Kinesiology sessions. The advanced techniques and skills you acquire in this course enable you to become a successful and highly sought after professional Kinesiologist.

Year one Kinesiology subjects start with the basics, providing the most solid grounding in the field and build to conclude with some powerful intermediate techniques so you can start your career while you partake and complete your Diploma. After the first year you will be able to register as a level 1 Kinesiology practitioner with the AKA and start building your practice.

Year 2 subjects continue your skills to advanced, making sure you have the best opportunity for success.

Throughout the Diploma there is plenty of practical experience gained in class activities during every unit, student clinic, and student practice nights (optional). All this along with the supervision of your experienced teacher fine tunes your skills so you obtain the best possible results with your clients. Our graduates are amongst the best in the field and become highly sought after practitioners.


Your lecturers, led by Ed Faust, International Senior ICPKP Faculty Trainer, are also successful practitioners. 
Kinesiology Connection is recognised as a premium Kinesiology college, and has trained successful Kinesiology Graduates for over 15 years in the heart of Melbourne.

The College:

Kinesiology Connection is a Kinesiology Schools Australia (KSA) Kinesiology college, not a naturopathic or massage college teaching a little Kinesiology to fill class numbers. We specialise in Kinesiology. It makes a difference!

Unlike most colleges, your college provides the perfect environment and support for your learning requirements at the time.
There is plenty of parking in the area, and Glenferrie and/or Auburn Railway Stations are just a short walk from the college.

Student Support:

Students receive extraordinary support from the college. Our staff provides excellent phone or email support during office hours, whilst some emails may be answered after hours! 

Optional practice times are regularly available.

There is also a free mentoring system to support 1st year students.


All classes, assessments, class notes, handouts, and student clinic are included in the price. 
The only extra costs are a few optional text books (1x Anatomy and Physiology, 2-3x Nutrition), plus First Aid (sourced outside of the college), and a massage table.

Charts, test kits or other recommended books are optional to purchase for those that want them.


25 high quality professional Kinesiology units taught every 3 or 4 weeks apart, over approximately 2 years. (This includes the first year's 9x Basic Kinesiology units, as below). 

Year 1

BKP101-BKP109 These first 9 Kinesiology units provide a solid grounding of Kinesiology knowledge and skills starting at the basics and continuing to intermediate and the introduction of some advanced techniques. This is the most efficient basic skills course available. 

BKP101 Energisers and Self Testing

BKP102 Manual Muscle Testing

BKP103 The Chinese 5 Elements

BKP104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections
BKP105 5 Elements in-depth

BKP106 Professional Skills – Balancing Protocol with PKP Database

BKP107 Pain Reduction

BKP108 Balancing with Food

BKP109 Advanced Muscle Techniques – Reactivity and Posture

** BKP110 Client Rapport and Health Records (Cert IV only)

Year 2

The first year of study provides a solid grounding that qualifies you to register as a level 1 practitioner and start working as a Kinesiologist to build your clientele as you complete your Diploma.

Each 2nd year unit, groups together similar techniques, building a progressive skill set to make sure you have the depth of knowledge and skills to help each individual problem your client presents.

Units are categorised into the following; Emotions, Environment and Nutrition, Joints, Learning, Muscles and Vibrational Energies.

EMS201 Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

EMS302 Subconscious Self-Perception


ECO201 Lifestyle and Dietary Modification


ECO202 Immune Mismatch Responses, Allergies and Hypersensitivities

ECO301 Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy

JAF201 TMJ and Cranials

JAF301 Ligaments and Joints

MST201 Muscle and Skin Activation

MST202 Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol

MST203 Hip, Leg and Foot Muscles

MST301 Head, Neck and Trunk Protocol


PIB203 Basic Brain Integration Skills (for learning difficulties)

VEF201 Flower Essences

VEF301 Gems and other Vibrational Energy Fields


VEF302 Metaphysical Energy Fields Student Clinic

NON KINESIOLOGY UNITS: 12 units completed externally over 2-21/2 years












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