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Your Diploma in Kinesiology is recognised Nationally throughout Australia, and because we use the exclusive ICPKP Diploma Program syllabus, your qualification is also recognised throughout the world wherever Kinesiologists practice. What other career path offers you an independent business that you can take worldwide?

A portable business
What other business can you be in where you can pick up your suitcase, shift country and begin a profitable venture? With registration on the ICPKP website you are already seen worldwide as a competent practitioner. Your enrolment with us gives you access to the ICPKP website.

Your own web page - FREE
You can build your own webpage on the ICPKP website. This is where you can advertise yourself and your clinic free.

Kinesiology Connection also provides you with your own promotional webpage (upon request). This is provided for a limited time free of charge to support the growth and development of your new business.

Potential clients searching for an accredited practitioner are then able to find you as a Kinesiology practitioner in their area. You can put your website address on your business card.

Use your KC Student ID Card for discount flights, theatres, etc. (readily available at presentation of passport photo).

Earn as you learn
Our training encourages you to earn as you learn. By the time you complete the Diploma in Kinesiology you should be well on your way to having a profitable Kinesiology business of your own. The more effort you make to do the home component of your study, the sooner you will earn the income you desire. It takes the dream of a better life, the desire to help others, a vision for a successful Kinesiology business of your own and disciplined focused effort.

Through self-commitment, self-improvement and helping other people to have a better quality of life and a greater sense of personal dignity you will become a respected member of your city's healing profession.

A commitment to your future
Renew your personal commitment to yourself and your family and become an independent health professional, a qualified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP), and a member of one of the fastest growing professions in the world - complementary health.

When you make the commitment to take charge of your future, KC will show you the way. The proven ICPKP program guides you towards professional independence and personal freedom, as shown by our many successful graduates.

The ICPKP Difference - Your results
ICPKP's unique protocol, priority digitmoding and database system developed by Dr. Bruce Dewe and Mrs Joan Dewe set PKP practitioners apart, as wise, skilled professionals with a range of over 250 healing modalities to draw on.

A PKP session is a client-centred journey which assists the person to audit their current situation, injury or stress. Biofeedback ensures the client's needs, and goals determine the session pathway. Clients gain awareness and understanding and are able to upgrade the programming of their whole being, and thus less likely to repeat old self-limiting patterns. The result is enhanced personal performance. All PKP sessions work toward achieving an optimum outcome. The protocol is always the same but each session is a time of unique growth in personal power and insight.


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