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Why become a professionally accredited PKP Kinesiologist ?

This exclusive training teaches you how to be an independent, accredited PKP Kinesiology Practitioner. As such you can take charge of your own life and carve out your own pathway to success in this field. With all the advantages a PKP Kinesiology practice offers, you will never want to settle for just a job again. There are many reasons for becoming an accredited PKP Kinesiologist. The following are just a few..

Whatever your level of education, you have an equal chance of success at KC with our exclusive training programs. If you are willing to listen, learn, practise and have a desire to succeed, then there are few limits to what you can achieve.

Regular personal sessions will assist you in this area, thereby effectively dealing with any issues arising in your life. We therefore highly recommend these as a supportive co-requisite to the course.

Are you considered too old for a previously desired career path? For example, did you want to become a doctor or nurse but never had the chance? With KC, age is not a concern. You are never too old to have your own Kinesiology practice.

When was the last time you got paid what you are worth or got the raise you wanted? As an accredited Kinesiology Practitioner you have control of your time and income. PKP'ers earn from $80 to $150/hour or more, depending on location. Want to earn more? See more clients or revise your fee. Your income matches your skill and effort.

With your own unique Kinesiology practice you promote yourself. Every time you want better remuneration, all you have to do is ask yourself. You are in charge. You decide your own status.

When did your boss last say: "Great job!" or "Thanks for working late."? Tired of having your work go unnoticed? Satisfied clients will recommend you to friends and acquaintances. What better recognition can one receive? Making a difference has many rewards.

When time is so precious, do you resent time spent away from home on your job? Are you locked into the nine to five grind? Do you spend hours a day in busy traffic? The best thing about having your own Kinesiology practice is the freedom and control you have over your own time. You have the flexibility to set your schedule to suit your family needs. You decide where you want to work, and when you want to have time off.

Can you take a vacation when you please? Can you take every school vacation with your family? As a Kinesiology Practitioner you can take your holidays to suit your family schedule, and you don't even have to work Monday to Friday!

Will you still have a job next year? Will your job even exist in 5 years time? What would happen if you were laid off? With an ICPKP Diploma the future is in your hands, not in the hands of others. You can work as long as you want. Only you can make the decision to stop working or just work part-time. Being your own boss is the best security.



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